Zishy Babe Ursula Hall Nude On The Bed


Curvy model Ursula Hall recently poses for the Zishy site in a release entitled The Hall Raiser. Not sure how that name fits to the update but the resulting pictures were pretty damn hot if you ask me. Ursula starts things off by taking a shower in her yellow bathing suit, pressing her tits up against the glass before turning around and showing off that curvy ass of hers. Ursula has the material pulled up right between her ass cheeks giving us a much better view. When she gets out of the shower, she towels off and lies down on the bed nude but not before putting on her glasses. It gives her a bit of a nerdy look but only adds to this babe’s sex appeal if you ask me. Ursula has amazing tits and that pose where she has her ass in the air is absolutely amazing! Enjoy the free images and if you’d like to see Ursula’s full update, CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO ZISHY TODAY!

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